Thursday, March 3, 2011

Why We Use Our
Thermomix Every Day

Our day usually starts with the gentle "whir" of our Thermomix boiling the water for our early morning coffees... 
. . . and why not?

A Thermomix only costs 
16 - 18 cents* per hour to run...
... so our two cups of coffee cost 
just 0.5 cent each in used electricity.
That is much less than using 
the electric kettle!

An hour or so later, the machine is "whirring" comfortingly again as one of us blends up some C.A.D.A or 
creates an omelette for breakfast. 

Click here for - Omelette - So Smooth 
or here for - C.A.D.A. - What a Breakfast!

Recently we placed four eggs in poaching dishes in the Varoma (Steamer) on top of the Thermomix Bowl and cooked 
PERFECT poached eggs in minutes.

During the day we often juice some whole fruits blended with a little ice or even rice milk to make a nourishing satisfying drink.

Want to make a slice? create a cake? cook your own jams or preserves? use up some abundant in season fruit? cook some scones? make your own butter? ... it is all so easy with a "TM".

What would you like for lunch? or the evening meal?

Cooking for your toddler? Would you like to get your kids to eat their vegetables or fruit? Catering for Diabetes? Or Gluten Free? Looking after an elderly person? 
"TM" cooks for them all!

The choices are simply amazing!

With over 25,000 Thermomix recipes available on the internet, you are only limited by your imagination, but whatever you create in the Thermomix will simply taste awesome!

However, you will never know (unless you already own a "TM")... so we are offering you the opportunity to have a taste of what this machine is capable of... either in the privacy of your own home (we come to you)... or at a lovely country setting just west of Narangba... (you are welcome to bring your friends).

When we demonstrate the "TM," you will have the opportunity to taste a yummy Fruit Sorbet, experience Bread prepared and cooked in under an hour, a Dip created in under 1 minute, a Coleslaw perfectly prepared in about 10 seconds, a Main Meal cooked in just 20 minutes.... and Lemon Custard just like Grandma used to make... and no one has to stand at the machine to stir a single dish!

To book a demo (at your place or ours) please call me (or SMS) 
now on 0429 959 756

When you call, please let me know how many people will be with you at the demo... and whether you would like to have your demo...
During the Week?
On a Weekend?
During the Day?
Or in the Evening?

Come on.... 
Why not give your taste buds 
an absolute treat....?
To book a demo soon... 
call or SMS 0429 959 756 ...right away!

Already own a "TM"? 
There are great host rewards if you have another demo to share this new way of cooking with some more of your friends!!
Call or SMS 0429 959 756 ...right away to book!

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