Friday, January 7, 2011

Scrambled Eggs

A few people have asked me if the Thermomix will cook omelettes and scrambled eggs...

... and the answer (of course) is a satisfying "YES!!"

....and the texture is "Divine"!

This is how EASY it is to create the perfect Omelette... EVERY TIME!

Crack 2 eggs into the TM bowl

Add 25gms Cream

Add 10gms Butter

(if cooking with 4 eggs, double cream and butter etc)

Add Pepper and Salt to taste

Blend in bowl for 10 secs on speed 9.

 (Optional) Lift MC and pop small quantity of parsley onto the spinning blades with 3 seconds to go. 
(This just gives the parsley a quick chop without pureeing it).

Damp a piece of Baking Paper and cover the perforations on the bottom (or top) tray of Varoma to make a tray to hold the freshly beaten egg mixture.

Pour the egg mixture from the bowl onto Baking Paper.

Cover the mixture by placing the Varoma Lid on Varoma.

Give TM bowl a quick rinse and then fill to 500ml with hottest water from tap or kettle.

Set Varoma on top of TM cooking bowl and set time for 8 mins (if starting with near boiling water in bowl), temperature to Varoma, and speed to slow stir.

Check eggs nearing 8 minutes, and if you wish to create scrambled eggs, give the mixture a gentle stir just before the eggs become omelette. 

If you wish to have omelette, cook until mixture is firm - (around 8 minutes). You can top your omelette with some grated cheese and/or mushrooms (both pre grated in the TM, of course) and cook for a further 2 - 3 minutes.

Because you are using steam to cook your eggs, they do not burn to the bottom of the pan, and they tend not to separate if you "overcook" them.

To serve, switch TM off, carefully remove Baking Paper complete with omelette (beware of steam), and using your spatula, gently roll your omelette off the Baking Paper onto your plate... like a Swiss Roll.

Cut into portions and garnish with fresh parsley.


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  1. I love my husband cooking this for me for my breakfast. It is a real 'melt in the mouth' omelet. Because it has been steamed and not cooked in the frypan, it brings out a beautiful flavour and texture. All prepared and steamed in the TM! Love it!!

  2. The best scrambled eggs EVER.


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