Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"There Has Never Been a Better
Time To Purchase Your Thermomix"

For the whole of February,
everybody who purchases 
a Thermomix also receives 
2 x Thermoservers
1 x Carrybag... FREE!

For the whole of the month of February 2011, when you place an order for a Thermomix and host a Thermomix Demo or book a Thermomix Delivery Demo... you will receive "Double Rewards Plus".

In other words, buy ordering your Thermomix NOW...you will be receiving.... not one.... but two 2.2ltr Thermoservers (value $60 each) PLUS your very own Thermomix Carry Bag (value $140 each).

That is a whopping 
$260 extra value... 
just for placing your 
Thermomix order in February!

Each 2.2ltr Thermoserver is made from high grade stainless steel, and functions like a Thermos, retaining the heat of your meals for up to two hours. The double insulated Thermoserver is great for serving up both hot and cold dishes.

The Thermoserver Carry Bag is absolutely ideal to transport your Thermomix any time you wish to travel or go camping. Made strong, your Carry Bag protects your Thermomix investment while you are on the move.

If you already own a Thermomix and would like to host a demo anytime in February, you can purchase a Carry Bag for the low, low price of just $40 (normally $140)

Simply call 0429 959 756 NOW to place your order:-)

Click below to see Cindy O'Meara
Nutritionist Cindy O'Meara Just Loves Her Thermomix

 If you live near Brisbane and want to experience a FREE Thermomix 
demo in your own home with your family and/or friends...call Cliff TODAY on 0429 959 756 and we will arrange your obligation free Thermomix Demo.

During your in home demo you will be able to enjoy a "6 course meal" and 
experience cooking like you have NEVER seen or tasted it before!

Click HERE to learn more about purchasing a Thermomix for your kitchen... 
...no matter what size your kitchen.

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