Wednesday, December 29, 2010

An Icecream
In Under 2 Minutes?

Last evening we used our Thermomix to create a beautiful fruit "icecream" in under 2 minutes for some lovely friends who dropped by for a late tea. do you create 
Fruit Icecream
in under 2 minutes?


Take one frozen banana, (you can add a portion of any other frozen fruit... in this case we used some frozen mango), place in your Thermomix bowl and whiz for 20 seconds on speed 10 until fully pulverised.

Then add the white of one egg into the Thermomix bowl, and whisk with the "butterfly" for a further 1 - 2 minutes at speed 4.

No sugar needed, no additives... just frozen fruit and one egg white - can you get any healthier than that?
Serve... enjoy!

To see Thermomix 
in action for yourself
call Cliff TODAY on 0429 959 756
and book a demo with some friends.

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